Reading list

Here are a few suggested books that may assist
you prior to and during the course of your therapy:

Bradshaw, J. (1992). Homecoming reclaiming and
championing your inner child
. Bantam Books.
New York. Toronto, London, Sydney, Auckland.

Capacchione, L. (1991). Recovery of your inner
child. The highly acclaimed method for liberating
your inner self
. Simon & Schuster/Fireside. USA

James. A & Friedman, R. (1998). The grief recovery handbook. Harper Collins Publishers. USA

Janov, A. (1991). The new primal scream therapy
twenty years on
. Abacus Books. London.

Janov, A. (1993). Imprints the lifelong effects of the birth experience. Coward Mc Cann, Inc. USA.

Janov, A. (1996). Why you get sick how you get
well the healing power of feelings
. Dove Books. USA

Janov, A. (2007). Primal healing access the
incredible power of feelings to improve your health
New York Books. USA

Lerner. M. (2005). The dance of anger. A womanís
guide to changing the patterns of intimate
. Harper Collins Publishers. USA.

Miller, A. (2005). The body never lies the lingering
effects of cruel parenting
. W. W. Norton &
Company. USA, London

Sarno, J. E. (1998). The mindbody prescription.
Healing the body healing the pain
Warner Books Inc. USA

Tebo, B & T. (2004). Free to be me. Bantam Books.
Sydney, Auckland, Toronto, New York, London.

Vereshack, P. (1993). The psychotherapy of the
deepest self
. Life Perspectives. Canada.
Internet as: Help Me Iím Tired of Feeling Bad.