Frances di Bartolomeo
Registered Psychologist

BA (Psych), Grad Dip App Pysch, AMAPS

Hello and Welcome

I'm a fully registered psychologist in the state of Victoria and I work from the Jamillon
Centre in Burwood Victoria. At the Jamillon Centre we work very ethically, respectfully
within a supportive and validating framework. I specialize in trauma-based
psychotherapy, specifically primal and inner child therapy. This is an emotion focused
expressive therapy based on the principals of Arthur Janov (see reading list).
This approach can permanently resolve tension from unresolved grief, past hurts and
experiences that felt traumatic and are now still having a negative impact on current
daily experience of health and well being.

I also use cognitive behavioural, Acceptance and Commitment (new wave CBT) and
interpersonal therapy with psychological education to assist this process, matching client
needs and providing balance. This is to empower each client to reach their full potential
in their own time and way. I assist clients to explore not only their emotional pain but also
their thought and behavioural patterns to empower them to make gradual, positive and
healthy changes in accordance with their true-life values and goals.