Private individual sessions
Group therapy (in particular circumstances)
Phone consultations
After hours appointments

Types of therapy:
We will work together using an integrative approach
with a developmental focus when required and with
your full consent - matching your needs with
your treatment goals.

The 3 main types of therapy used which
are interconnected:

Inner child therapy
Primal therapy
Trauma based therapy

You may also benefit from:

Cognitive behavioural therapy
Interpersonal therapy

I help you with:
Unresolved childhood Trauma & Abuse
Anger Management
Marital / Relationship problems
Anxiety & Stress
Recovery from Domestic Violence
Grief & Loss
Lack of Confidence & Low Self-Esteem
Emotional Distress
Family problems
Body Image issues
Assertiveness / Communication issues


Call: 0402 100 727


The self-talk you're currently using, such as saying to yourself "I feel bad", "I don't want to be here", "I can't go on living", "I want to die", "I hate", "Why me?", "No one cares" will keep you from moving to an emotional state where you're able to find a different way of being.

When you and I really listen together to the words you're saying out loud and inside - the pain, fear and sadness is lifted. Call: 0402 100 727